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IpohSecrets Perak Cave
IpohSecrets Perak Cave
Spending Your 2016 Vesak Day Holiday - Gua Tambun Wefie

Tour Itinerary


Complimentary Pickup

Pick-up & drop off within Ipoh city available from:

— Airport

— Hotel & Resort

— Train / Bus Terminal

Authentic Breakfast

We head to our favorite eatery / coffee shop called “Kopitiam” for some authentic local Ipoh food. You can opt out of this should you prefer to go for your complimentary hotel breakfast but do inform us.


An in-depth Ipoh Heritage Walk while admiring the old heritage buildings along the way. Start with the colonial “The Taj Mahal of Ipoh”, Ipoh Town Hall, and Ipoh High Court. Passing through the Birch Memorial Clock Tower to the old commercial district & shophouses. Twist and turn around the old streets, stopping by the street art & wall murals to pose for some more photos.

During the 2 hour walk, you will get to know:

  • Interesting facts of this old mining town
  • Story about the tin rush during the colonial times
  • How it became the capital city for Perak state
  • The famous “Concubine Lane” and learn about how a tin miner entertain themselves to get over the hard stressful life
  • Places include: Ipoh Railway Station, Ipoh Town Hall, Birch Memorial Tower, HSBC Building, Wall Murals, Ho Yan Hor Museum, and the Concubine Lanes


It won’t be complete without visiting Cave Temples built in the limestone caves of Ipoh. Admire the beauty of nature mixed with man-made structures unique to Ipoh.

*With 52 different cave temples in Ipoh, we will occasionally switch around our visits if there’s a closure, private religious festivities, or safety checks

Sam Poh Tong

Sam Poh Tong: The picturesque hidden courtyard surrounded by mountains with a turtle pond where you can feed the hundreds of hungry tortoise and turtles set free by devotees long time ago.

Kek Lok Tong

Kek Lok Tong: Admire its intricate stalactites & stalagmites, follow your guide for you know the formation and the creatures created by nature hidden all around you.


The ancestor of the sweet orange & grapefruit, and the largest of all citrus fruit which can weight up to 10 kilograms! Pomelo is native to Southeast Asia, especially Malaysian, and Tambun area in Ipoh city is well known to produce the best Pomelo in the region. So it is a no-brainer that Ipoh is the best place to learn about this amazing fruit. Besides Pomelo trees, there are also other fruit trees in the orchard, and this includes the King of fruit, durian!

Baby Pomelo


All our tours are customizable and can be swapped with other attractions as long as it is within the 8 hours tour time, for example:

Opting out the orchard and go to Kellie’s Castle or Gua Tempurung

— Interested in history of the mining in the Kinta region, we can visit Kinta Tin Mining Museum in Kampar town

— The forgotten logging and tin town of Papan to check out the New Village Gallery which tells the story of the concentration camps in Malaysia

— If you are a foodie and wanting to focus on the local delights, we can also do food-centric AKA a Food Tour etc

Start Time

Recommend to start at 8AM

Tour Type

Exclusive Private Tour


8 Hours

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Private Heritage Day Tour

Select date and place your reservation, your booking will be confirmed after making the deposit payment


RM 620

No Vehicle Included

The Guide will be seating in your vehicle for the duration of the tour (8 hours)


RM 880

Guide & Vehicle

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maximum of 4 people


RM 1100

Guide & Vehicle

Using a minivan that seats up to

maximum of 6 people

Customized itinerary available

Price per vehicle, not per pax headcount

No Shopping Stops

Meals & Entry Tickets not Included