Perak Cave Temple’s beauty – Part II: The Cave

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The cave

Once there, cross then the narrow passage opening on the cave of limestone. You will be welcomed by two statues of lions: On the one hand, the female surrounded by her cubs, on the other hand the male, guarding the entrance of the cave.

You will then have access to a giant space and be submerged by the size of the cave’s dome.
Going further into the cave, you will be surprised by the majesty of your host: a huge golden Buddha 40 meters high, dominating the entrance to the Temple.

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 It is surrounded by its four massive guards, whose vocation is to protect the temple and to repel any enemy.
Their appearance is frightening and threatening, thus alarming the next intruder who would like to go to the Temple.

If you come closer, you may even find that they crush evil creatures and other devils with their feet, preventing them from entering the temple.

Don’t forget looking up, you can admire the different colored mural paintings depicting characters from Chinese mythology, along with Buddhist scriptures. Here are some pictures:

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The sweet smell of incense will then guide you to the altar where everyone can praise their sins, receive good fortune or be safe from danger. The earthy cave smell lends the place a special atmosphere.

Turn right to pursue, just behind the main altar. Along the way, you can observe the many statues and sculptures scattered around the temple, as well as other paintings.

As you walk around the first statue, you will also see a small tiger-shaped statue. This one has a very special meaning: in China, this tiger is called "虎爷" meant to be a local guardian of land. But it has been extended to Malaya to protect the country from tigers. 

Then continue through the narrow alley. Another statue will be on your right. Climb a few steps, and you see a scene of statues.

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On your left you’ll notice a stone staircase. Your ascension begins here. Now it’s the time to workout those legs! Watch your steps because the floor is quite slippery.


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