Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Below listed out our policies relating our payment methods, booking fees, amendments, cancellations, and refunds. It is at our sole discretion to amend these policies from time to time. You should periodically visit our Websites for updates on any amendments or changes. Any new change of policies will not affect bookings already accepted with confirmed payments.


Our Websites and Services accept Credit/Debit Cards payment method. All payments transacted are subject to a Booking Fee which will be borne by the Customers.


For every booking made online via the Website by the Customers, a Booking Fee of 6% will be applied upon confirmation of booking. Booking Fee is non-refundable in all circumstances as the said fee is for credit card payment processing & server maintenance.


All amendments to bookings made at least 2 weeks before the tour are free of charge but are subject to availability. To maintain the high quality of service provided, we are unable to process amendments less than 48 hours in advance. Booking value is subject to changes after the amendment, and you will be required to make immediate payment for the extra sum if any. Any refund arising from the amendment will be processed according to the Refund Policy below. Details subject to amendment include:
(i) Time and date of tour, (ii) Type of tour, (iii) Number of people.


Once a booking is made, the Customer and Tour Operator agree to enter into a contract, and the Customer shall pay to the designated account of Ipoh Secrets via the payment method as provided.

In the event where the Customers have requested for a refund of the amount paid for a booking, Ipoh Secrets -in its sole discretion- shall decide on the merits of such a claim. Ipoh Secrets shall have the full and unilateral power to determine the Customer's entitlement to a refund.

If the payout is in a different currency, then Ipoh Secrets reserves the right to apply the proper exchange rate to the amount due.


Cancellation of booking by Customer will result in a penalty payable by the Customers for purposes of compensating any relevant party affected by the cancellation including Ipoh Secrets and/or the Tour Operator as follows:

    • Booking Fee Non-Refundable: 6% for booking on the website OR the total banking charge for Foreign Transaction & Currency Conversion
    • If cancellation made 1 week (7 days) or more before the scheduled commencement:
      - No charges except for the Booking Fee
    • Cancellations less than 7 days in advance before the scheduled commencement:
      - A deposit of 50% of the fare applied. Customers will be entitled to refund 50% of the tour & activity fare
    • Cancellation within 2 day(s) of the scheduled commencement or *NO SHOW*:
      - 100% cancellation fee, NO REFUND.
    Any purchased Limousine or Coach Transfer Services to/from any specified places:
    • Booking Fee and any form of add-on: Non-Refundable
    • Cancellations less than 2 weeks (14 days) in advance:
      - A deposit of 50% of the fare applied. Customers will be entitled to refund 50% minus the Booking Fee
    • Cancellation less than 1 week (7 days) of the scheduled departure:
      - 100% cancellation fee, NO REFUND
    • Booking Fee and any form of Entrance Tickets: Non-Refundable
    • Applied Coupons and Discount Codes will no longer be valid.

Any request for cancellation and refunds arising from any amendment or cancellation of booking shall be communicated to Ipoh Secrets via email at "hello @" in accordance with the terms for cancellation and refund as provided above or notified to the parties from time to time. The Customer shall receive confirmation from Ipoh Secrets communicating that the cancellation has been attended. If the Customer does not receive the said confirmation, the Customer must contact Ipoh Secrets as soon as possible via email at "hello @". Fund transfer will be processed within 7 working days from the date of the request.

No penalty shall be payable by the Customers in case of force nature, which shall mean in this context: any reason beyond the reasonable control or predictability of the Customers, including, but not limited to, hostilities, political unrest, terrorist attack, natural disaster, pestilence, severe weather, technical problems of transportation, last-minute changes to the timetable of transportation by its operator, strikes, industrial action, or any other general situation beyond the responsibility and control of the Customers that results in a clear prohibitive effect on using and accessing our Service, provided that Customers duly evidence such event. In case it is disputed whether a situation of force nature has actually occurred, Ipoh Secrets shall –in its sole discretion- decide on this. Ipoh Secrets decision shall be final and binding on Users.

In any event of force nature, any coupon or discount codes used by a Customer to make such booking shall remain valid. In case of cancellation by our Tour Operator, the Customer agrees that he shall not be entitled to any compensation, damages, reimbursement or other sums, except the refund stipulated above.


Ipoh Secrets reserves the right to request the Customers to cancel any Services booked if necessary. Any cancellation by Ipoh Secrets shall result in a FULL refund to the Customer and the refund shall be remitted to the Customer within 7 working days after cancellation. Any coupon or gift card used by a Customer to make such booking shall remain valid. In the event of a cancellation by Ipoh Secrets, the Customers agree that they shall not be entitled to any compensation, damages, reimbursement or other sums, except for the refund stipulated above.