Gua Tempurung: one of the Kinta Valley Geopark destination

In October, Malaysia will launch its second national geopark!

On June 24, Tan Kar Hing — the Perak State Executive Council, chairman of Tourism, Culture and Art announced that “it would be a major boost for the state’s ecotourism”.

He said the plan which has been designed since 2005, aimed to promote the protection of the environment in a sustainable manner while promoting the economic well-being of the people who live there.

The park consisting more than 2000 square meters extends mainly around the city of Ipoh, and among 18 comprise sites, Gua Tempurung is one of them. (source: Malay Mail)

Gua tempurung, located in Gopeng, Perak stretches 1.9km. It’s the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia! Its name “Tempurung”, which means coconut in malay, comes from its five huge domes shape.

What makes this cave so special is the breathtaking gallery of stalagmites and stalagtites as well as the rock formations that you can only find in this part of the world.

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to go there and experienced it myself. Here is a glimpse of what to expect there:

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Unfortunately, I could not go further as I chose Tour Number 1. But do not stop there! There are so many other possible Tour, especially the last one which got a surprise at the end. You’ll get the chance to crawl on the ground in search of the exit, so exciting!

__ Océane

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