Discovering the world’s largest flower

Go in search of Rafflesia flowers !

Well, it’s not a small challenge. You’ll need to go at the right time, be lucky, and go on a long hike… but believe me, the journey is worth it.

To ensure that the Rafflesia are in bloom, a specialized jungle guide goes several days in advance to make sure we can admire them. These flowers are complex. The Rafflesia is the world’s largest flower. There are about 55 species of Rafflesia, with 20 species confined to Southeast Asia. Malaysia is home to 8 species. The Rafflesia is parasitic as it depends totally on its host for food and water. The plant does not have the photosynthetic green parts to produce its own food. The flower can measure more than a meter across. It is unisexual, meaning there are male and female flowers. All Rafflesia flowers tend to have a rotting stench which attracts flies for pollination.

Incredible !

As I mentioned earlier, a long hike allows you to reach the flowers. During this hike, you will likely come across small wonders, such as stick insects. You’ll also be able to spot lots of beautiful butterflies. They were so big that I wondered if they weren’t birds 😉

After about an hour of walking, you spot the first flower, lost in the middle of the jungle. What a privilege to discover this marvel.

We were lucky enough to observe several.

It’s truly an experience I loved, and I encourage everyone to experience it. To do this tour, you need to request a personalized tour from Ipoh Secrets so they can organize it. I hope I’ve inspired you to put on your hiking shoes and discover the wonders our world has to offer 🙂

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