Lenggong Valley

Today, I’m going to talk to you about a visit that particularly touched me. You cannot leave the region of Perak without doing this tour. I’m taking you to Lenggong Valley.

Lenggon Valley

This place has many very special caves. However, to visit them and understand their history, you need to be accompanied by a specialized jungle guide.
Thus, our guide, armed with a knife and a flashlight, took us deep into the jungle. We had to be cautious because the jungle is a dangerous environment (with tarantulas, snakes, monkeys…), anything can happen. The jungle we were in is even the home of the black panther. Well, you can imagine that it’s better not to encounter it. But don’t worry, it only comes out at night.

Our guide took us to caves free of any human construction (far from the Gua Tempurung cave). On their walls, we could see cave paintings dating back to the Neolithic period. Impressive 🙂
These caves are special because many artifacts have been found inside (pottery, bones, jewelry…). These discoveries are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

In the Lenggong area, there are several museums where you can see these objects. Unfortunately for me, the museum was under renovation. But it will probably reopen soon and the other museum was closed. Well, no luck but it’s okay.

What I remember most is the exceptional and privileged moment we spent in the jungle. Our guide explained a lot of things to us. Well, it’s worth noting that he didn’t speak English. But no problem, our guide from Ipoh Secrets could translate what he said.
In short, it’s definitely the excursion I recommend for adventure lovers.

Kuala Kangsar

Take advantage of the trip to go to Kuala Kangsar and admire the magnificent mosque that adorns the royal city.

Malaysia has many hidden treasures to discover 🙂

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