Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

Dry Season Affecting Pomelo

Pomelo’s binomial name: Citrus Maxima is actually native to South and Southeast Asia but loved by east Asians and consider it one of the must-have items for all occasions. It’s especially famous in an area called Tambun within Ipoh city limits as the soil there are perfect for pomelo trees. As of now, Tambun is famous in this region for producing the best white, pink, and red flesh pomelo.

Side story, some farmers actually tried to plant it elsewhere in Ipoh but ultimately only those in Tambun survived… Which is why Tambun Pomelo is a signature of Ipoh and a must buy souvenir together with Kaya Puffs and “Heong Peng” aka fragrance biscuit (with I’ll take about in a later post).

With Dry Season Affecting Pomelo Quality, Buy or Not to Buy?

Farmers and sellers of pomelo ongoing a hard time as the dry seasons affecting pomelo growth in Ipoh. As the heat wave continues to strike, new flower bulbs dried off causing 70% – 80% loss to farmers.

Pomelo plantation owners already stop exporting to supply enough fruits for the local but it’s hardly enough. Simple economics played out here with low supply and high demand for high-quality pomelo.

Fruit vendors reported that the wholesale price skyrocketed as it hits the record high this season.

It’s not good for business as I need to honestly tell my customers that the dry season affecting pomelo quality as the pomelo trees barely able to survive now.

– Owner of Xian Fatt Fruit Stall

So what I suggest is that it’s best to keep away from pomelo now. You’ll want a fully grown juicy fruit, what I’ve tried were far from juicy. Trust me, you don’t want to eat a half-dried pomelo, it’ll be all fiber and hard to swallow… even felt a hint of bitterness as it’s a from a citrus family of fruit.

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