Phase 2 Gua Tambun Awareness Event

Ipoh Secrets GTHAP 2nd Phase Event
Gua Tambun, 4000+ years red rock painting / prehistoric rock art

I am sure those who came to Ipoh breakfast on Dim Sum, brunched on Kai See Hor Fun, launched on Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot), desert on the smooth tofu bean curd, 3.15 for white coffee and kaya puffs in one of the many kopitiams, dinner on Bean Sprout Chicken, and supper on our local street food… been to all the famous cave temples, the historic Ipoh Railway Station, the strangely named Second Wife’s Lane aka “Concubine Lane”, or the took a selfie with Ernest’s 7 and a half mural. Well, I dare to ask any one of the travelers or Ipoh locals if anyone can tell me about Gua Tambun if they had fully explored Ipoh…

Everyone who can search online probably knows of this long list that I mentioned earlier but what I’m telling you later isn’t. What if someone asks you about another piece of art, a national heritage, one the remaining red rock paintings in the Malay Peninsular that dates back 4000 years ago (maybe more), that is located right in Ipoh called Gua Tambun? Can you bring me there?

Do take note of this event that will be held on this Saturday, 9th of April 2016, as you’ll be surprised that there is still something that you don’t know existed… Well, it exists more than 4000 years well before us! Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP) will be organizing their awareness program for the last time (ending their second phase), and who knows when will they start with a 3rd phase?

If you missed the previous events, you’re an ‎Ipohmali‬ or staying around Ipoh area, or anyone that cares about art, do drop by 9 o’clock on the morning of Saturday to know more about the “not so famous art” of Tambun in Ipoh. We will be walking up some stairs, so do wear comfortable shoes, bring along sunscreen/umbrella, insect repellant and drinks to re-hydrate.

Ipoh Secrets - GTHAP Event Poster
GTHAP Event Poster

Details as below:
Date: 9 April 2016
Time: 9.00 AM
Meeting Point: Caltex Tambun (petrol station)
Google Maps: Click Here
GPS Coordinates: 4.607277, 101.129271
Entrance Fee/Tour Fare: FREE OF CHARGE!
(For latecomer, you’ll have to navigate the site yourself, try asking your bro Mr. Google)


Come to the meeting point, meet up with the ‬awesome GTHAP volunteer team, we will bring you back in time! If you aren’t sure or feel alone going there, or want us Ipoh Secrets to tag along, we’ll be happy to bring you there. Just give me a text/call.

Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Program (GTHAP): Homepage | Facebook
My Road Planner 大馬路: here


(If you’re wondering who is that black shirt guy… that’s John)

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