Take a hike in Kledang! – Part I: Time to Exercise

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It's time to get a full-body Kledang Route 4-9 workout

Having a hard time at work, feeling blue or just want to broaden your sports skills? Just forget about your daily running routine, and try something more thrilling instead! This is where the Kledang adventure begins.

Hiking is one of the best exercises to workout, whether for your body or your brain. Yet, even if your craze is at its maximum, do not make the mistake of leaving too quickly, so as not to exhaust you. It is best to walk at a steady pace, with slow breathing.


This is the Kledang Route 4-9 you'll take for the next 2 hours:

Continue your Kledang hike in this road until you see a mouth. Once you have crossed this entrance, the area is getting harder.

Thus, you have to be careful of the muddy and slippery ground, and take supports on the different tree trunks and roots.

Before continuing on the path, go to your right, there will be a narrow path that will guide you to a scenic spot.

Take the time to rest a bit and admire the view. Come back return to the main route. From now on, you will continue on a wider area, with more vegetation. You'll go deeper into the jungle.


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Deeper into the Kledang Route 4-9 Jungle

Then you will head to the waterfall where you can cool off the heat.

If you're a nature-lover, you will embrace the beauty of the scene by hearing birds noises and water flowing over the rocks, you will feel more than relaxed.

Following the waterfall and going to your right for the Kledang Route 4-9, or even 5-8 or the ultimate RTM (Round the Mountain) path. This is where your physical condition will be tested. As the inclines and declines are substantial, as well as the rough terrain will ask you more energy; your heart rate will definitely increase. This is especially relevant for the novice and intermediate. So when you're starting feeling a bit dizzy, just keep calm and rest for a few minutes.

However, the more you will practice, the more fit you will be. From there, you are not very far from reaching the end of Kledang Route 4-9.

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I was very surprised to see that even elderly people were climbing Kledang Route 4-9 and had more energy than myself on the trekking. They must have been used to climbing for a few years.

Some will go there to discover the Malaysian jungle and enjoy the surrounding nature, others will enjoy making this experience a real challenge.

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At the end of Kledang Route 4-9 stand a Chinese temple under which you can rest before continuing for the peak. You can either continue your journey to climb the summit or prefer to go down the road on your left by the road.

If you feel too tired to continue, walk down the path on your left, and take a look at the view.

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Continue to Part II for the Peak

Some Tips:

  • Do not eat heavy food before hike
  • If you’re considering taking a hike there, make sure wearing good sports shoes.
  • Because of the heat, I advise you to go early in the morning, as early as 6 AM.

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