Take a hike in Kledang! – Part II: Wanna go top?

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To the top of Kledang!

Unlike the Kledang Route 4-9, your trip upwards will be a lot easier as it is on tar road. From the Chinese temple go to your right. Even though your trip will be easier, remember not to go too fast because the altitude will alter your breathing. Make sure to take regular breaks if you're not used to it.

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At some point, you'll pass by a small natural fountain, take time to refresh yourself and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

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Half an hour later, you will face a tough choice. Either left or right. And when you've never done it, you have no idea how far you should go, especially if one or the other gives you a better view or not. So, if you're fit enough, just do both!

In order to make your choice, here are some pictures of both sides. By taking the road on your right, you will appreciate the dense vegetation, and the pretty flowers adorning your path:

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While on the left path, you will be able to admire the lush jungle from atop and take a look at the sight from the cliff tops, the mist covering the mountains:

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Now you're free to choose, so pick one of them, or both if you feel OK! Yet, for me, the only drawback to this hike is that you wont' have any full panoramic views over the valley from vantage points on the high ground. Here, you will be overlooking the other side of the Kledang Hill, which belongs to the district of Kuala Kangsar, the Royal Town of Perak!

Take a closer look on the tree standing at the top of the left path, you’ll notice a sign. That’s it guys, you did it! Congratulations! Kledang Hill 2652 feet!


Rest, eat, and have a drink, as you will still need a little energy to go down. It will take another hour and a half if you walk fast.


That's all for Kledang, and remember to find a good partner to motivate you and going to the top!


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