Kellie’s Castle

I was surprised to discover this castle. Far from the local architecture, this little palace is a piece of the West in Asia. It is located about 25 minutes by car from the center and is definitely worth the trip !

The history of the place is very interesting. We learn about the life of a Scotsman, William Kellie-Smith, born in 1870 in Kellas, Scotland, who had this castle built either for his wife or his son. There are different stories. This castle was never finished, so you can wander among the ruined walls. The rooms are empty and the space is vast. It is even said that you might see ghosts… I didn’t see any, but I did see bats, and to be honest, I preferred that.

To visit the monument, you will need around one hour. The visit is well-organized because there are many explanations in English that allow for a good understanding of the place. Additionally, I recommend looking closely at all the nooks and crannies of the building, as there are many hidden passageways. I found it fun to explore the castle and venture into narrow staircases, only to unexpectedly arrive in a new room.

On site, you will find parking right next to the castle, so it is very convenient for parking. You will also find places to eat. There are also small souvenir shops on site.

Information : I was a bit disappointed because I was not allowed to use my camera on site. Phones are allowed but not cameras… I didn’t understand why.

Thanks and see you soon in another place 😉

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