A special day in Perak

Dear readers,

Today we are going to talk about a special tour that I really enjoyed. Still in the Perak region, about one hour’s drive from Ipoh, you can see many natural wonders.

Gua Tempurung

For cave lovers, here is a great visit to make. The cave is fully developed, so you can go deep inside without too much trouble. I won’t lie to you, you need to be a bit fit to go all the way through because there are a lot of stairs and the air is very hot. But for sporty people like me, it was a pleasure (just kidding). However, if you prefer more adventurous and wild tours, I don’t recommend spending too much time at this site. Instead, opt for one of our tours in Lenggong, where you won’t be disappointed in terms of adventure (I’ll talk more about it in another vlog, stay tuned). For the developed cave tour, plan on about 25 RM per person, which is around $5.

Tasting Durian

It’s often said that durian is the world’s worst fruit, but don’t worry. Our guide, John, reassured us. This fruit has a very strong smell and may only be bad if it has had time to ferment. If you eat the fruit very fresh, don’t worry, it won’t have a bad smell and might even be good. To be honest, May is not the best month to taste this fruit. Come back in July and the fruits will be exquisite. It was my first time eating durian, and I found it neither good nor bad. But unfortunately, for the best durians, we have to wait a little longer. Be carefull : there are a lot a different types of durians.

Kinta Tin Mining Museum

A great visit if you want to learn more about the tin industry in Malaysia. Our guide explained everything to us in great detail, so we left with a lot of knowledge. You can see reproductions, artifacts, models, and even original photos.

Local Soy Sauce Company

I think this was my favorite part of the day because I really didn’t expect it. We visited a small company and got to see the process of making soy sauce. I didn’t think it was made like that, so it was a really great experience. Eat local !

All these activities can be booked directly on our website, so don’t miss out on these little hidden treasures 🙂

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