Perak Cave Temple’s beauty – Part I: The Garden

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Welcome to Perak Cave Temple!

Among all the 30 cave temples in and around Ipoh, Perak Cave Tempe, also called Perak Tong, is probably one of the most famous and frequently visited.

As you pass the front door, take some time to take a few pictures in front of the statue of Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), perched in the middle of a pond, facing the entrance of the cave.

Before going any further, go to your right, and take a look to the Chinese style temple there. You will notice that these gargoyles on the wall are among 5. Usually, temples contains 9 of them, but the temples for the Emperor are containing 10, and are intended to protect the water from sipping through the joints of the roof.

Then take a few steps towards the temple, and you will see an information plaque in front of you which provides some background. It reads as follows:

"In 1926 Chong Sen Yee and his wife Choon Chan Yoke who came from Jiao-Ling province of China, discovered Perak Tong. On approval from the Perak State Government they started to develop the cave temple.[...] There is a staircase of about 450 steps, which takes you right to the top of the limestone hill, where one can have an overall view of Ipoh city and its surroundings."

Then climb the steps leading to the temple entrance.

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