Perak Cave Temple’s beauty – Part III: The Ascension

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The ascension

By taking a few more steps, you may take a look to the walls. By inspecting them a little closer, you will see how the water flows along the wall actually form the new line of limestone.

From there,  continue your climb to the top. There, you will see an opening on the side of the hill.

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The scene is beautiful, the sun piercing the rock with a brilliant shine. From this point, wind your way along the path, following the various pavillons. If you're not used to the heat, remember to take rest and enjoy the views of the surrounding area.

In front of you is standing a vacant monument. Head towards it and you will see a new staircase on its right, leading you to higher altitudes. You have to stand firmly on the wall because the steps are quite high.

When you are at the top, tell yourself that you have climbed 450 steps for an altitude of 176 meters! You'll face a double storey pavilion, here you are:

Go up and take a look at the view. In my  humble opinion, it is from this pavilion that you will get the best view over the northern suburbs of Ipoh and a nearby industrial zone. From there, you’ll see another pavillon right in front of you.

To get there, head to the path that is to the left of the first pavilion you are currently on. At this point, you should pay attention to the shape of the little path that you will take to get there. Its twisty shape gives it a bucolic appearance and is totally different from other traditional paths you have been to before.

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Here ends your journey. Take the time to take some pictures and enjoy the view.

However, when I noticed that some of the hills had been dynamited to be exploited and transform the space either into cement factory or kitchens, for what I considered to be a worthwhile natural place, I was in for disappointment. The view would have been even more dazzling if the other hills were still present. Ipoh is especially recognized for the beauty of these mountains, it is a shame to have let these industries prosper in this area.

Like the Perak Cave Temple, these hills should also benefit from a ban on exploitation and be designated as protected natural heritage areas.

Despite this, Perak Cave Temple is a must to visit in Ipoh, either for its lush vegetation, the shimmering roofs of the pavilions or for its mystical atmosphere.

I hope you have learned a little more about the Perak winery. In addition, if you came to visit the site early in the morning, you will be back for lunch, and if you are lucky enough, you can even see some monkeys!

I leave you in these pictures guys, and see you soon!

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Some Tips:

  • Also, if you want to avoid the weekend and public holidays crowd, it is best to take a day of the week to get there.
  • To avoid mosquito bites, I also advise you to bring with you a mosquito repellent and do not wear shorts.

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